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“Having fought the scale and failed at various other methods, I came to the conclusion that I needed to go back to having a normal relationship with food, like I had as a teenager. When I was skinny, eating was a normal activity like any other and I enjoyed it; I was not obsessed by food. When I saw Sophie´s program, I thought ‘Finally!’ Thank you, Sophie, for making this program available!”

Jordana Theophilo Oliveira

“I’m going into the third week and have already lost weight! I am so happy! Filling out the diary is a very interesting experience and hiking as well. Your method is very smart and loving. I feel very relaxed and I have gained self-respect. It is paying off!”

Virginia Rafael

“The ‘Sophie Effect’ was like this to me: …I can eat what I want, when I want, any way I want, as much as needed, and I no longer need to be nervous about it. It is no longer a crime to eat; the threat of deprivation is no longer hovering over me. This immediately reassured me. I no longer needed to go ‘hungry’ or worry about what I ate, and I naturally began to decrease the amount of what I ate because I was paying attention not to the calories, but to the moment of satiety. The scale began to ‘plummet’, and my belt began to feel looser! I called it the ‘Sophie Effect.’ I was happy, and I felt safe.”

Luiz Roberto P. Targa

“I LOVE YOU!!!! Dr. Sophie! … I am so proud to be part of the Sophie Effect…!! It is so very complicated how things have become in our society especially our relationships with food. Why?? Never before the Sophie Effect could I feel good about eating anything sweet or fattening! So much judgement and shame. I loved how you talked about experiencing the first bite of cake. The Sophie Effect helped me understand this and to learn how to listen to my body and notice my emotions and feelings I am having at the time… So happy to be on this journey with you! Here is to you, “to experience pleasure and health, let’s do it together!” Thank you for wanting to change the world!”

Diana DuRoss