Hi, I am

Sophie Deram

and here I present...


Expert in eating behavior, healthy lifestyle and weight loss, I inspire countless individuals to live a happier and healthier life by changing their familiar world. French and Brazilian Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a doctorate in Endocrinology, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo (USP). I have studied nutrition for over 20 years in France, the United States, where I lived 10 years, and Brazil, where I live now. I focus my research on childhood obesity, nutrigenomics, eating disorders and behavioral neuroscience.

Researcher at the Children’s Institute and outpatient eating disorders program (AMBULIM), Hospital of Clinics, School of Medicine, University of São Paulo HCFMUSP, I also coordinate the genetics and DNA bank project of patients with eating disorders at the AMBULIM.

I have a practice in São Paulo, Brazil.

Currently, I participate as a blogger in HuffPost Brasil, the Brazilian edition of The Huffington Post associated with the Abril Group.

Hi, I am

Sophie Deram

and here I present...


My mission is to show you how to lose weight by saying no to restrictive diets and make peace with food! Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures and I want to help you to re-experience this pleasure every day and without guilt.

Increasingly, we realize that weight loss is not simply to eat less and do physical activities. Worse, we have evidence of how restrictive diets can lead you to gain even more weight over the long term, and trigger the development of obsessive thoughts about food.

Restrictive diets work?

Over 95% of those who did restrictive dieting eventually return to their initial weight (or even more) in a matter of two years. We now know that it is not your stomach or metabolism that controls your weight, but your brain that controls everything: emotions, hunger, satiety and weight! Your brain responds to stress and dieting by triggering an adjustment mechanism that increases your appetite and decreases your metabolism. The better you feed your body, the less stressed your brain will be! Thus, it will turn off the diet mentality and will help you eliminate fat that it stored to protect you from the dangers of not eating enough or appropriately.

Restrictive diets are those which have you go hungry, or which eliminate entire food groups, such as carbohydrates.


You will not find any before/after picture on my website. I will not promise that you will lose X pounds in X weeks. Losing 20, 40 or more pounds in a short time is possible, but it is hardly sustainable and you risk suffering side effects, especially developing eating disorders (emotional eating for example).

My proposal is different, I fully believe in it and I can see the positive results through the testimonies of the participants of my program, the “Sophie Effect”, in my practice and at the hospital where I do research. I am talking about making peace with food and rediscover the pleasure of eating without guilt and without fear, thus rescuing your body’s balance. Losing weight in a sustainable way is the consequence of recovering this balance and can be a slow process, with ups and downs.

I do not accept any sponsorship from food companies or supplement manufacturers. I do not believe that there are miracles products out there and will not promote any. If I recommend a food product, it is because I truly believe that it is interesting, not because I was paid to do so. I recommend real food, that is food that is not or little processed. The best place to find these is a fresh produce market and they are not branded. At the same time, I recognize that the food industry has produced many good products and that, nowadays, we need them because of our busy urban lives.


I published my book “O Peso das Dietas” with great success in Brazil in December 2014. The full title translates to “The Weight of Diets: Lose weight in a sustainable way saying no to diets”.
It is currently being translated into English and my editor and I are looking for an English language publisher. If you are interested in helping, please let me know by sending an email to contact@sophiederam.com.